Vega Vella is the range of wines made from organic viticulture —according to European organic farming regulations— from vineyards located in Rioja Oriental, an area with a more Mediterranean climate that helps to develop the typical characteristics of each variety, enhancing the fruity aromas to their maximum expression.

Using local varieties such as Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano and Garnacha Blanca, and international varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, we base our winemaking on traditional methods, supported by the most avant-garde techniques, focused on preserving the aromas that each variety possesses, resulting in wines with their own personality.


Un-oaked wines

Vega Vella · Organic Wine

A selection of white, rosé and red wines, where each one of them reflects the best of each grape, some by coupage; others by selection of grapes, to obtain three great wines where the quality-price ratio triumphs. Fresh, aromatic wines, with a little carbon dioxide from the maceration itself, which give us aroma, soft freshness, velvety flavour and produce endless ethereal sensations that relax our spirit and soul.


Fermented white wines

Vega Vella · Barrel-fermented white wine

Blend of Sauvignon Blanc 50% and Garnacha Blanca 50%. Alcoholic fermentation in new fine-grained, lightly toasted French oak barrels at 16ºC, carrying out a slow natural process. After fermentation, the wine is aged on fine lees for 4 months. Of lemon yellow tones with golden glints, it brings aromas of tropical fruits, such as pineapple and mango, together with herbaceous notes, refreshed by citric aromas. Subtle hints of peach and apricot, derived from the elaboration and ageing.

Vega Vella Monovarietal White Garnacha fermented in Concrete Eggs

Cold pedicular maceration, and with a refined technique, we obtain the free-run juice, which is then statically cold-pressed in a stainless steel tank and fermented in a concrete egg. This process culminates with ageing on its lees for 5 months, whose constant movement in the concrete egg gives this wine an exquisite unctuousness. Pale yellow in colour with slight greenish iridescence, it displays a high aromatic intensity and great complexity. Aromatic balance with floral notes, white stone fruits and pips, with a subtle citrus and herbaceous background. Unctuous, with great volume on the palate. Very well-balanced acidity, balanced with the sweetness of the tannin characteristic of the variety.

The single-varietal Garnacha, organically produced, surprises us with its aromas and flavour, exclusive to very few grapes. In organic farming we must highlight, by using non-destructive products, the herbaceous formation of microclimates, where the flowering and existence of these remain intimately linked to the flower and berries of the bunch, which dazzles us with the aforementioned nuances.

Bodegas Cornelio is proud to have this great wine.


Tintos crianza

Vega Vella Sensaciones Crianza

With its own organoleptic characteristics, a consequence of the contribution to the Tempranillo grape of other native Rioja varieties, Graciano and Garnacha. Aged for 15 months in French oak barrels and 10 months in the bottle. Cherry red in colour, with tile tones and high robe, the nose offers red fruits, redcurrants, blueberries and raspberries. Spicy notes and herbaceous touches are also appreciated, as well as sensations of vanilla and coconut, with great personality. It is pleasant on the palate, highlighting the perfect blend of wood and fruit, giving it a complexity that makes it very pleasant on the palate.

Vega Vella Crianza

Tempranillo with ample touches of Graciano and Garnacha. Traditional winemaking, reducing the presence of sulphur dioxide as much as possible, resulting in a natural wine that respects the environment. Abundant presence of black fruit and spices that give way to dark chocolate and toasted notes. A complex wine due to the contribution of each variety.

Very good entry and exit of mouth.


Reservas y autor

Vega Vella Reserva

From the oldest vineyards, with a selection of the best grapes. Conceived to remain in time, looking for a powerful structure, to be polished with ageing and to reveal its noble origin. Own vineyards. Harvested by hand. Aged for 18 months in French oak barrels and 24 months in bottle. Cherry red in colour, with an intense robe, clean and bright. It presents great expressiveness and aromatic complexity on the nose. Red and black fruit compote with hints of leather, liquorice and tobacco, where mineral notes can also be felt. Toasted notes reminiscent of cocoa.

Vega Vella Gran Reserva

Only exceptional vintages can achieve the characteristics for the production of this wine. It reflects the maximum expression of our terroir and its environment. Own vineyards. Harvested by hand. Aged for 24 months in French oak barrels and 36 months in the bottle. Medium cherry red colour. Ripe red and black fruit on the nose, with a clear presence of toasted notes, reminiscent of dried fruits with spicy and balsamic aromas. Notes of liquorice and tobacco.

Vega Vella Autor

Only the selection of the best bunches is used to obtain this wine. It is made with grapes from clay-limestone soils, making a careful selection of berries at the entrance of the winery, fermenting at a controlled temperature to achieve slow kinetics, seeking greater integration of aromas and colour, own vineyards. Harvested by hand. Aged for 15 months in new French oak barrels. It has an intense ruby red colour, with beautiful purple tones. With a complex aroma and powerful palate, it is prepared for a long life in the bottle.


Vega Vella Monovarietal

Garnacha and Graciano single varietals

A selection of organically produced grapes that surprise us with their aromas and flavour, which are exclusive to very few grapes. In organic farming we must highlight, by using organic products that respect the environment, the herbaceous formation of microclimates, where the flowering and existence of these remain closely linked to the flower and berries of the bunch, which dazzles us with wide nuances.


Vega Vella Movistar Team

Bodegas Cornelio Dinastía is a proud sponsor of Movistar Team, sharing with our sponsors the values of effort, loyalty and sacrifice, among others.

This collaboration opens up the possibility of marketing any of our wines using the image of the team and its members.


Terra Vella Petra


Tempranillo and Graciano. A careful harvest, followed by fermentation with the help of the most modern technology. Ageing for 12 months in French oak barrels, after which it spends at least a year in our bottle rack before you can enjoy this wine.


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