Vega Vella Organic Wines

Vega Vella Orgánico. Viticultura ecológica.

Vega Vella is the range of wines made from organic vineyards –according to the EU organic farming regulations– on the eastern side of La Rioja, an area with a more Mediterranean climate that helps develop the marked attributes of each variety and enhance the fruity aromas to bring out all their virtues.

Using local varieties such as Tempranillo, Garnacha or Graciano and Garnacha Blanca as well as international varieties like Sauvignon Blanc, we employ traditional methods for the winemaking, with the support of the latest techniques aimed at preserving the aromas of each variety to produce characterful wines.

Todos Los Vegavella

Our vineyards have been hosting organic crops for over three decades.
The experience gained over these decades, together with the use of the latest techniques –including drones and satellite footage to monitor parameters like vigour, water stress, the threat of plagues, ripeness…– allow us to guarantee high-quality grapes. In the winery, we also use the latest techniques –inertization in all processes, absolute control of temperature…– to prepare fruity wines with long-lasting aromas. Today we offer a broad range of high-quality organic wines. We don’t use synthetic fertilizers on the vineyards or herbicides or pesticides. We only use Bordeaux mixture at a very low concentration. Its sulphite content is very low following the Rioja Regulatory Board standards, which means that it doesn’t affect your speech.

- Unoaked Wines -

Vega Vella. Organic Wine.

Selection of three wines: white, rosé and red. Each of these brings out the best in each grape, some through blends, others through grape picking. The result is three fantastic wines with an excellent value for money, especially in view of all the medals won. Fresh, aromatic wines that are slightly carbonic from their maceration. These fresh aromatic wines have a gentle silky taste that bursts into countless ethereal sensations and calms our spirit and soul.

- White Fermented Wines -

Barrel-Fermented White Wine

Alcoholic fermentation in new fine-grain low-toasted French oak barrels at 16º C to carry out a slow natural process. After the fermentation, the wine starts to age on fine lees for 4 months. Lemon-yellow coloured wine with golden hints. Aromas of tropical fruit, such as pineapple and mango, along with grassy notes and the fresh scent of citrus fruit. Subtle hints of peach and apricot brought by the winemaking and ageing.

Vega Vella Single-variety, Garnacha Blanca, fermented in concrete egg.

Through cold maceration and a refined technique we obtain the must from the first pressing that then goes through cold static decanting into a stainless steel tank before pouring it into a concrete egg to ferment. This process ends with its ageing on lees for 5 months, constantly stirred in the concrete egg to produce an exquisitely unctuous wine. Its pale yellow colour with glints of green hint at its intense aromas and great complexity. Aromatic balance with the scent of flowers, white stone fruit and a subtle citrus and grassy base note. Full-bodied and unctuous on the palate. Well-balanced acidity that is perfectly offset by the sweetness of the tannins found in this variety.

Los monovarietales Garnacha, de producción ecológica, nos sorprenden con sus aromas y sabor, exclusivos de pocas uvas. En la agricultura ecológica debemos destacar, al utilizar productos no destructivos, la formación herbácea de microclimas, donde la floración y existencia de éstos permanecen íntimamente ligados a la flor y bayas del racimo, lo que nos deslumbra con los matices citados.

Bodegas Cornelio Dinastía is proud of this excellent wine.

- Reds Crianza -

Vega Vella Sensaciones Crianza

This wine has its own sensory characteristics that the Tempranillo grape draws from its fellow Rioja varieties, Graciano and Garnacha. Aged for 15 months in French oak barrels and another 10 months in bottle. Great depth in its cherry-red colour with red-brick shades. Red berries on the nose with traces of vanilla and coconut that give it great character. It combines wood and fruit to perfection and achieves an interesting complexity that confers its extremely pleasant palate.

Vega Vella Crianza

Tempranillo, Graciano and Garnacha. Selection of grapes. Aged for 14 months in new French oak barrels and another 10 months in bottle. Clean, vibrant red-cherry colour. Intense ripe black fruit on the nose with the scent of stewed fruit, leather, toast and spices. Strong flavour of black fruit and spices midpalate followed by dark chocolate and toasty flavours. The complexity of this wine comes from the different varieties.

- Reservas y autor -

Vega Vella Reserva

This wine comes from the oldest vineyards where we pick the best grapes. This lasting wine has been made seeking a powerful structure to be polished with its ageing and reveal its noble origins. Grown on our own vineyards. Manual harvesting. Aged for 18 months in French oak barrels and another 24 months in bottle. Great depth of its red-cherry colour, clean and vibrant. Very expressive on the nose with great aromatic complexity. Hints of stewed red berries and black fruit with traces of leather, liquorice and tobacco with a hint of minerals too. Toasty notes reminiscent of cocoa.

Vega Vella Gran Reserva

Only exceptional vintages can reach the optimum characteristics to make this wine.
It reflects the maximum expression of our terroir and our environment. Grown on our own vineyards. Manual harvesting. Aged for 24 months in French oak barrels and another 36 months in bottle. Medium depth in its red-cherry colour. Ripe red berries and black fruit on the nose with toasty notes reminiscent of nuts and spicy, balsamic hints. Notes of liquorice and tobacco.

Vega Vella Signature Wine

This wine is made with the very best clusters. Made with grapes from calcareous-clay soil in our vineyards. We carefully choose the best grapes to take to the winery where they are fermented at precise temperatures seeking slow kinetics and the best blend of aromas and colour. Manual harvesting. Aged for 15 months in new French oak barrels. Intense ruby colour with beautiful purple hues. Complex aroma and powerful palate. This wine is ready for a long life in the bottle.

- Vega Vella Single-Varietal Wines -

We have single-varietal wines made with Graciano or Garnacha Tinta or Garnacha Blanca (the latter fermented in the concrete egg) and due to the organic growing, these grapes surprise us with their unique aroma and taste.

It is important to highlight the growth of microclimate plants in the absence of destructive chemicals and this helps the flowering and growth that are closely linked to the flower and grapes on the cluster and brings out the nuances we mentioned before.

Vega Vella Movistar Team

Bodegas Cornelio Dinastía is proud to sponsor the Movistar Team sharing their values in terms of effort, loyalty and sacrifice, among others.

This partnership allows us to market our wines using the image of their team and members.