Rioja in
body and soul


We are passionate about producing top-quality wines that bring out the most natural characteristics of our region, knowing how to boost their qualities and using the minimal intervention approach throughout the production process.

La Rioja has unique microclimates and rare terroirs that are the embodiment of Rioja wine and allow us to make wines that produce extraordinary sensations. This is why we have adopted this idea as our main goal: obtain a top-quality grape in the most natural way.

Our teamwork aims to produce wines with minimal intervention by combining the traditional techniques used by our ancestors with new techniques learnt on our visits to different wine-making regions around the world.

We always seek the purity of the grape variety, employing organic farming principles and the character of the fruit itself based on a balanced, self-regulated vineyard that can produce high quality grapes with the help of the environment and the demands of its production.

Our «Rioja in body and soul» philosophy focuses on preserving the exclusive characteristics of the grape variety and use it to spread the Rioja brand.

These ideas come to life on shallow soils on the hillside, with little organic matter and the right amount of water. This is why the vine produces a grape that is a true reflection of its character, embodied in a fully expressive grape and wines with their own personality. This has given rise to the motto behind our wines: «The wine made on the vine».

All this is based on wine-making traditions that go back eight generations, with old vines, with limited production and located on the Golden Mile of the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin (DOCa, Denominación de Origen Calificada) where we produce our Cornelio wines.

Our obsession with protecting the environment and fighting the climate change in earnest has led us to create, alongside our Cornelio Dinastía wines, the organic wine range called Vega Vella.

We have been practising organic farming for over thirty years on the eastern side of La Rioja, following EU regulations, and we have clearly proved that we can offer wines with the same quality but based on sustainable winegrowing and protecting the environment for future generations.