Bodegas Cornelio en La Rioja. Vinos ecológicos de Rioja. Gama de vinos Cornelio y Vega Vella.

The “Cornelio en las cumbres” challenge promotes the promotion of nature and brings the world of wine closer to the mountaineers of our country

Bodegas Cornelio en La Rioja. Vinos ecológicos de Rioja. Gama de vinos Cornelio y Vega Vella.

Bodegas Cornelio Dinastía has launched a campaign to promote environmental awareness and to showcase the most natural features that our country has to offer. This is how “Cornelio en las cumbres” was born, an action that will be carried out at different times of the year, taking as a reference different points of the Iberian System.

The proposed challenge is as follows: José Mari (general manager of Bodegas Cornelio Dinastía), a Riojan, passionate about nature, tireless innovator, visionary and convinced ecologist, will deposit a wooden case with a bottle and a message addressed to whoever finds it on different summits. The mountaineer who discovers it will win, in addition to the achievement of having conquered the “Cumbre Cornelio”, a batch of Cornelio and Vega Vella wines.

With this activity, as well as promoting the care of our environment and landscapes, the aim is to bring the world of wine closer to all mountain lovers.

“Exercise is health. It means taking a breath of fresh air on each walk and discovering the route in first person with a map in hand, without leaving a single metre untravelled”, says José Mari, the promoter of the idea.

The first summit has already been conquered. It is located on the peak of Torocuervo, in the mountain range of the Iberian System. Jose Mari has deposited the case there, a fact that has been announced through the winery’s social networks. This gift will be given to the adventurer who finds it, who will have to write down the coordinates of his route and communicate them to the winery, as well as taking a photo of himself with the bottle found in order to receive the final prize.

– The route has to be on foot, it cannot be done by car (neither all nor part of it).
– Whoever finds the trophy must send the coordinates of the route, as well as photographs/videos of the route and of the moment when he/she reaches the box and picks up the flag, to the email address included in the letter.