Bodegas Cornelio Dinastía together with the 11 women who have achieved the solidarity challenge “Relays Against Cancer”

From Bodegas Cornelio Dinastía we would like to congratulate María Miranda Llorens, Rosa Arrieta, Adriana Fresno, Miren Idoia Fernández Villa, Susana Ansoleaga, Sandra Irina Sava, Tania Orviso, Elena Clavijo López, Ingrid Dalcy Flores, Juana Rodríguez and Raquel Espinosa Clavijo. They make up the “Relay Against Cancer” team, a solidarity action organised by eleven women who have run the 770 km of the Camino de Santiago uninterruptedly.

Coinciding with the Jacobean Year, the race was carried out from 9 to 12 June in 71 stages of about 11 km each.

A relay run by women from the Rioja Marathon Club. Thanks to this action, they have raised funds for the Spanish Association Against Cancer.

It has been an honour to be able to help them meet this challenge.

“The fight against cancer is a challenge for everyone”.