My name
is Cornelio

«My name is Cornelio, and I am the result of more than eight generations dedicated to working rough soils during harsh winters and hot summers; of long decades of carefully pampering the same plants that today give us their precious fruit; and of a careful winemaking process, where we apply the full extent of the wise legacy left by our ancestors, all so that you can enjoy a glass of me every time you want the company of a good wine.

To speak of Cornelio is to speak of tradition, passion, excellence, sustainability, terroir… In short, it is to seek the purity of a good Rioja.

La Rioja is a privileged land where every year I become the best version of myself, nourishing myself with poor ferrous clay soils or calcareous clay soils, right at the edge of the bedrock in the case of the 80-year-old Viura grape vines that give us our spectacular whites.

The different orientations, altitudes and geological compositions in our more than twenty microplots in the foothills of the Toloño, Sierra Cantabria, allow me to display a complexity and personality that impresses anyone who tries me, a hallmark of the purest Riojas.

The peculiarities of the soil are complemented by a generous climate that leads to perfect fruit development, an Atlantic climate with a Mediterranean influence: cold winters, summers with warm days and cool nights that lead to perfect phenolic ripeness, and mild and generally dry Septembers that, in the final stretch of the growing cycle, induce our fruit to excellence.

This excellence also has to do with the hands that work me, both in the field and in the winery; hands that pamper me in every field task: pruning, cleaning the canopy, green harvesting, harvesting… This is all traditional work where the wisdom transmitted from generation to generation, the passion for doing a job well, and the curiosity to add new innovation to tradition in order to achieve the very best results, give rise to truly excellent raw material, which will be further crafted in the winery by those same hands, following those same principles.

The wisdom of generations; patience; perfection in every single process, without considering any other premise than that of striving for the highest quality; processes that are totally committed to our exclusive environment; and a careful selection of the very best raw materials – these are the infallible ingredients that, year after year.

Guided by this same philosophy of the utmost respect to Mother Earth, the tradition of our ancestors, and quality as the ultimate objective, and encouraged in this case by the blessings of the Mediterranean climate of eastern Rioja, so propitious for organic cultivation, we have created the new Vega Vella, a wide range of wines with organic certification proceeding from vineyards that have been cultivated organically for almost three decades. Experience, climate and soil that favour the natural development of vines, constant innovation, and the most favourable treatment for each of the varieties, can only result in wines with rich, long and complex aromas that place us time and again at the top of the podium.

And now that you know me body and soul, and you know all the secrets hiding in my glass, all that remains is to fill our lives with good times – let’s enjoy them together!»