Bodegas Cornelio en La Rioja. Vinos ecológicos de Rioja. Gama de vinos Cornelio y Vega Vella.

From the soil to the bottle

The wine made on the vine

The best grape comes from the very best soil with its finely balanced texture and structure that is blessed with a favourable climate based on warm days and cold nights. This wonderful land nourishes 60-year-old vines that produce smooth, full-bodied wines with a delicate aroma and a complex, sweeping palate combined with its vivid, intense and constant colours mirroring the life of the vines that make the wines as noble as their origin.

It is important to highlight our invaluable and firmly engaged team who has drawn its expertise from the legacy of over eight generations and pours all its love and care into each vine, each spur, each bud and always chooses the best option to get the best bunch, seeking quality, not quantity.

Our team needs to know the soil and its finely balanced nutrients in depth as these are fundamental factors in the growing, performance and appropriate ripening of the grapes.

The grape that produces the best wine grows with light and soil, but it’s man’s work that brings it to life. This is how Pablo Neruda described it in one of his poems and this is what happens in La Rioja’s vineyards.