Meet Cornelio

Cornelio Dinastía. Traditional Wine.

Cornelio Dinastía is the name of our winery in a partly underground building in San Asensio. This name refers to the wines made with the region’s traditional techniques.

These wines come from vineyards located in different areas of Rioja Alta, at the foot of the Sierra Cantabria mountains, and come from old vines trained as bush. The work during the plant cycle is done manually by our team of experts during the most important tasks: pruning, debudding, shoot-thinning, cluster-thinning and harvesting, to ensure excellence and keep the fruit whole until it reaches the winery.

Cornelio Dinastía. The wine made on the vine

Fila De Botellas Cornelio (web)

About 74 acres divided into different plots of an average 2.5 acres in the emblematic areas of San Vicente de la Sonsierra, Briones and San Asensio.

  • Small plots of land facing different directions, at different altitudes and on different types of soil to combine the different grapes and produce wines with greater complexity.
  • Constant professional care on the field, working each vine individually according to its specific characteristics.
  • Field work is mostly manual with minimal use of weedkillers, creating a green microclimate where insects proliferate and combat vine diseases, which means that we can avoid the use of pesticides. Instead of synthetic fertilizers we use compost that has been fermented for over three years.
  • We harvest each plot several times to find the right time when each fruit is ripe with the appropriate phenol and alcohol levels.
  • Our professional team has been with us for over 25 years and knows our vineyards and standards in depth. Thorough selection of grapes in the vineyard.
  • Our winery uses different techniques –some of them are the legacy of over eight generations– to produce complex yet modern wines that are easy to drink and portray our typical varieties and terroir. For instance, our 100% Tempranillo wines are made from a blend of vinified Tempranillo grapes through different techniques in separate tanks and new barrels, to extract a different virtue from each one of them –in one tank maximum aroma, in another palate…– and achieve a harmonious, complex wine that awakens all your senses. We use new American oak barrels that come from the southern-facing side of the Appalachian mountains as it suits the tannins in our grapes.


- Cornelio Dinastía Selección -

Cornelio Selección Crianza

After 12 months in American and French oak barrels, it is aged in the bottle. Great depth of colour with its cherry-red tone and shades of brick red. Red berries and traces of vanilla and coconut with great character. Full-bodied, velvety and sweet palate with a long finish.

Cornelio Selección Reserva

Grown on vineyards that are over 40 years old. Aged for 24 months in American oak barrels and another 12 months in bottle. Red colour with a brick-red rim, clean and vibrant. Very expressive on the nose with great aromatic complexity. Hints of stewed red and black fruits with traces of minerals. Red and black fruits on the palate with slightly bitter tannins that provide freshness to the chocolaty, spicy long finish.

Cornelio Selección Signature Wine

Carefully picked grapes. Fermented in the winery in 15,000 litre tanks with gentle techniques to bring out all its attributes. Great depth of colour with its cherry-red colour and shades of brick red. Red berries and traces of vanilla and coconut with great character.
Full-bodied, velvety and sweet palate with a long-lasting finish.

- Cornelio Dinastía Special Wines -

We pick the best grapes from the very best soil with its finely balanced texture and structure that nourishes 60-year-old vines and produce smooth, full-bodied wines with a delicate aroma and a complex, sweeping palate combined with its vivid, intense and constant colours mirroring the life of the vines that make the wines as noble as their origin.

Cornelio Dinastía Barrel-Fermented White Wine

Viura grape that comes from vineyards that are over 60 years old. Fermented in new American oak barrels for about 8 months. The grape used for this wine grows on an excellent vineyard with poor-quality soil given its rocky base that is less than 40cm below the surface. This sun-facing land at the foot of Monte Toloño, in the Sierra Cantabria mountains, gives an average produce of 2,500-3,000 Kg/Ha, which, along with its old vines planted in 1960, supplies Viura grapes of a pure golden hue that turn into a smooth aromatic white wine that has won many awards in wine competitions. Smooth, intense and vibrant golden hues. Citrus and grassy aromas on the nose accompanied by white flowers, ripe stone fruit and delicate pastry and toasty hints. Stone fruit dominates the palate with touches of citrus fruit and delicate toasty notes. Full-bodied, well-structured wine to accompany long, relaxed meals.

Cornelio Dinastía Crianza

Blend of different Tempranillo grapes grown on vineyards that are over 50 years old, over 500 metres high, and influenced by the Atlantic. Carefully aged in American oak barrels for at least 12 months. The barrels are barely processed as the intensive field work already provides interesting tannins to our wines. Deep cherry colour with a dark red rim, clean and vibrant. Ripe red and black fruits aromas alongside stewed fruit scents and chocolaty, spicy and grassy notes with the fine toasty hint of wood. Pleasant palate reminiscent of red and black fruits, with a perfect evolution and long finish. Round, delicious and very delicate on the palate.

Cornelio Emperador Reserva

Carefully picked grapes. Blend of different Tempranillo grapes grown on vineyards that are 50 to 70 years old, over 500 metres high, and influenced by the Atlantic. New American barrels that have never been used and have barely been processed because, as in all other cases, constant field work provides our wines with pleasant tannins. Cherry hues with a brick-red rim, ruby reflections and noticeable legs. Its scent is reminiscent of ripe fruit, plums and cherries, with mild toasty, cocoa and vanilla notes. Complex, elegant, unctuous and well-structured palate. Polished tannins with complex spices that lead to a wide long finish. Aged for 20 months in barrels and another 24 months in special bottles to keep and improve its best attributes.

Cornelio Imperial Signature Wine

Our signature wine. The most thorough picking of the best grapes from the best vineyards that are over 50 years old. Malolactic fermentation in new American oak to preserve all the colour and structure. Free winemaking without following the Rioja Crianza criteria. Aged for about 14 months in new American oak barrels and in bottle for over a year. Full, vibrant red-violet colour. Fleshy and ripe fruits on the nose along with notes of new wood, vanilla, coconut and abundant spices. Generous palate marked by fleshy and abundant tannins with red berries and dark roast hints. Bottled in special bottles to preserve its best attributes.

- TOP Wines -

We have two outstanding wines in this range. One is our Special Family Reserva that is chosen from among the best Reserva tastings after a painstaking aging process overseen by our team of wine experts. Our other outstanding wine is the one we call grape juice. A natural wine that comes from a specific vineyard where we carefully pick each cluster to produce a grape juice, without adding sulphites, that is like crushing the grape straight into your mouth. Drinking this natural wine is like popping a grape into your mouth.

Cornelio Gran Duque

Only exceptional vintages can reach the optimum characteristics to prepare this sublime wine. Manual harvesting with a careful selection of clusters from vines trained as bush in vineyards that are 50 to 70 years old on a well-balanced calcareous-clay soil. Its second fermentation takes place in new barrels. Aged for 26 months in new barrels and another 10 months in bottle. Red, clean and vibrant colour. Potent and elegant nose with a noticeable synergy of fruit and wood and hints of cherry, raspberry, dairy and vanilla. Elegant, unctuous and well-structured palate where each flavour, from sweet to bitter, adds to its complexity.

Bottled in special 900ml bottles to preserve its best attributes over time. Packaged in 3- or 6-bottle pine crates. Luxury packaging.

- Natural Wine. No added sulphites. -

Cornelio Rioja in body and soul

This Tempranillo wine is wood-free and has no added sulphites. It is made with utmost care in an inert atmosphere with exceptionally healthy grapes of which we only use the “core”. The grapes used for this wine have been handled in a unique manner from the very start of the growing cycle. The special care taken in the vineyard and the meticulous winemaking in the winery justify its rating as a Natural Wine.

The resulting wine is an appealing glossy cherry colour with plenty of purple shades that reflect its young age. Highly aromatic with a marked scent of berries. Fleshy midpalate due to the low acidity achieved through the system used to make this wine.

On the palate, this wine is like freshly squeezed Tempranillo juice. The vine yeast acts as preservative.