Cornelio Dinastía gives its name to our winery, located in San Asensio and of semi-buried construction. This name refers to the wines elaborated by means of traditional techniques of our region.

These wines are obtained from vineyards located in different parts of the region Rioja Alta, in the foothills of Sierra Cantabria, from viñas viejas in glass.

The tillage during the vegetative cycle, carried out by our experienced team, is done in the following way by hand in the most significant operations: pruning, debudding, shoot-thinning, cluster-thinning y vendimia, para garantizar la máxima excelencia y la entereza del fruto hasta su llegada a bodega.

Some 35 hectares distributed in plots of an average size of 1 hectare in the emblematic areas of San Vicente de la Sonsierra, Briones and San Asensio.

  • Small Parcels

with different orientations, altitudes and soils that allow us to combine different grapes to obtain more complex wines.

  • Continued professional care in the field

working each strain individually according to its characteristics.

  • Mostly manual field work

and minimal use of herbicides, creating herbaceous microclimates where insects that fight vine diseases proliferate, thus avoiding the use of pesticides. We do not use synthetic fertilizers, but compost fermented for a minimum of three years.

  • Harvesting of each plot on several occasions

seeking the correct coincidence between the phenolic and alcoholic maturity of each fruit. Exhaustive selection of grapes in the field.

  • Professional team

who has been with us for more than 25 years and who knows our vineyards and our needs.

  • Once in the winery, we use different techniques

some of them inherited through more than eight generations, to achieve complex but modern wines, easy to drink, expressive of our typical varieties and our terroir. For example, our 100% Tempranillo wines are made from a blend of Tempranillo grapes vinified using different techniques, in separate, new tanks and barrels, in order to extract a different virtue from each one of them. —in one tank the maximum aroma, in another bouquet…— and to achieve with the blend a harmonious, complex and responsive wine in all senses. We use new American oak barrels from the southern side of the Appalachian Mountains, in accordance with the tannins of our grapes.


Cornelio Selección

Cornelio Selección Crianza

After remaining minimum 12 months in American and French oak barrels it is transferred to bottle for maturation. Cherry red color, with tile tones and high layer. Aroma of red fruits and sensations of vanilla and coconut, with great personality. In the mouth it is velvety, with volume, sweet, long and persistent finish.

Cornelio Selección Reserva

Vineyards of more than 40 years. 24 months in American oak barrels and 12 months in bottle. Cherry color with brick-red rim, clean and bright. On the nose great expressiveness and aromatic complexity. Red and black fruit compote, where mineral notes are also felt. On the palate red and black fruit, with slightly bitter tannin that adds freshness to the long spicy and chocolate finish that the wine leaves on the palate.

Cornelio Selección Autor

Thorough process of cluster selection. Fermented in American oak barrels of the same origin. Cherry red color with tile tones and high layer. Aroma of red fruits and sensations of vanilla and coconut, with great personality. In the mouth it is velvety, with volume, sweetness, long and persistent finish.


Cornelio Dinastía Premium Wines

From the best soil, the most balanced in texture and structure, which in its entrails sustains vines that are over sixty years old, we select the best grapes, those that produce smooth, voluptuous wines, with fine aromas, complex and enveloping palate and vivid, intense and continuous colors like the life of its vines, which give the wine the nobility of its origin.

Cornelio Dinastía · Barrel-fermented white wine

Viura from vineyards over 60 years old, fermented in new American oak barrels for approximately 8 months. The grapes for this wine come from a vineyard of exceptional quality, Santa Tornea, which supports the poor contribution of the land, with bedrock less than 40 cms from the surface, on a face at the foot of Mount Toloño, Sierra Cantabria, with an average annual production of 2500-3000 Kg / Ha, which, together with its old vines, planted in 1960, provide grapes Viura variety, pure gold color, from which an aromatic and soft white wine is obtained, recurrently awarded in all competitions. It has soft golden tones, bright and lively. The nose presents citrus and herbaceous aromas accompanied by white flowers, ripe stone fruits with subtle notes of pastry and toast. The palate is dominated by stone fruits with hints of citrus and delicate toast. A wine with body and structure to accompany long meals.

Cornelio Dinastía Crianza

A blend of different Tempranillos from vineyards over 50 years old at an altitude of over 500 meters, with Atlantic influences. Carefully aged for a minimum of 12 months in American oak barrels, worked very subtly since the hard work in the field already gives our wines an attractive tannicity. Intense cherry tones with garnet rim, clean and bright. Aromas of ripe red and black fruit, compote, notes of chocolate, spices, herbaceous touches and fine toasted wood. In the mouth it is pleasantly reminiscent of red and black fruits, with long permanence and perfect evolution. Round, tasty and very smooth on the palate.

Cornelio Emperador Reserva

Strict selection of clusters. Blend of different Tempranillos with vineyards between 50 and 70 years old, at an altitude of over 500 meters, with Atlantic influences. New barrels of American oak of first use worked very subtly because, as in the rest of the cases, the constant work in the field already contributes to our wines its pleasant tannicity. Cherry tones with brick-red rim, ruby reflections and abundant tears. The nose evokes ripe fruits, plums and cherries, soft toast, cocoa and vanilla. The palate is complex, elegant, unctuous and well-structured. Polished tannins and complex spices provide ample and long persistence. It remains 20 months in barrel and 24 months in bottle. The bottle is special to maintain and enhance its good properties.

Cornelio Imperial de Autor

Our signature wine. The most demanding selection of the best grapes from the best vineyards, more than 50 years old. Malolactic fermentation in new American oak barrels to maintain all the color and structure. Free vinification without following any Rioja ageing criteria. Normally 14 months approximately in new American oak barrels and bottle for more than a year. Red-violet tones, bright and full. Aromas of ripe, fleshy fruit, together with the aroma of new wood, vanilla, coconut and generous whiffs of spices. The palate is generous, marked by fleshy and abundant tannin, with red fruit flavors and roasted nuances. Bottled in a special bottle to preserve its best qualities.


Top Wines

We have two great wines in this range. A special family reserve, selected from the best reserve tastings, with a laborious system of aging by our team of winemakers. And another one that we like to call grape juice, natural wine produced by a specific vineyard, selecting each cluster, to obtain from them, a must, a broth, which made without sulfites, is like squeezing grapes in the same mouth, and drink this natural broth, like the grape itself.


Only exceptional vintages can achieve the optimum characteristics for the production of this sublime wine. Manual harvest, careful selection of clusters, from goblet-trained vineyards between 50 and 70 years old, in balanced clay-limestone soil. Second fermentation in new barrels. Aged for 26 months in new barrels and 10 months in bottle With reddish tones, clean and bright, the nose is powerful and elegant, with a perceptible synergy between fruit and wood, with aromas of cherry, raspberry, dairy and vanilla. The palate is complex, elegant, unctuous, well-structured, where every flavor, from sweet to bitter, adds up.

Bottled in special 900 grams bottle to better preserve its excellent qualities over time. Served in a pinewood case or plate of 3 and 6 bottles. Luxury packaging.

Natural wine without sulfites


Un-oaked wine, made from Tempranillo grapes, with no added sulfites. It comes from a careful elaboration in an inert atmosphere of exceptionally healthy grapes, from which only the “heart” will be used. The grapes destined for this wine have been worked in a singular way from the beginning of their vegetative cycle. Both the special care in the vineyard and the meticulous winemaking process in the winery justify placing this wine in the category of Natural Wines.

The result is a wine with an attractive cherry red color, bright, with a large amount of purple, denoting its youth. Very aromatic, with a great aroma of forest fruits. Very fleshy in the mouth, fleshiness conferred by that low acidity, the result of the winemaking system.


In the mouth it is a natural juice of Tempranillo grapes. Its indigenous yeast acts as a preservative.

In the mouth it is a natural juice of Tempranillo grapes. Its indigenous yeast acts as a preservative.


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