The best grape is born in the best earth. It is the most balanced earth thanks to its texture and its structure. The climate is perfect here, with mild temperature during the day and cold nights. This land harbours a hundred-year-old vines that produce smooth and voluptuous wines, with fine aromas, an enticing, complex palate and strong colours that last long, just like the life of its vines.

It is crucial to know the soil. It is crucial to know the presence of its nutrients in a harmonic proportion, since these are essential factors for the crop development and also for the performance and efficiency of the grape ripeness.

This grape, that will offer the best wine, feeds on light and earth, but it is the result of the work of man. That’s how Pablo Neruda described it and that’s how it is in La Rioja.



The marvellous balance between the vegetable appearance, the wood and the fruit is possible thanks to a great symbiosis, where the most prestigious varieties and the most balanced ones are joined together, and also the most convenient waters, the sunlight and the most beneficial temperatures.
Pruning must take place under the perfect circumstances during the winter. There must be only three branches per vine, two thumbs per branch, and two fingertips per thumb.
Grape clusters arise out of a rigorous pruning, out of the sprouts already grown, out of those strong vine shoots, out of a delicate study of foliage. Clusters have a medium size and a small grain. Their weight is the proper one according to the Denominación Origen Calificada Rioja.

Wise pruning and great care are a must. The sprouts will occur thanks to all these details. We do not indulge in excesses. There are no more than 6.500 kg per hectare (5.850 lb/acre) for red varieties and there are no more than 9.000 kg per hectare (12.897lb) for the white varieties. These cares will generate a fruit that encapsulates a universe full of perfumes and aromas, full of flavours and shades, full of colours. All these nuances make possible that the wines of this earth are one the best ones in the world.