The climate must be appropriate, since the amount of rainfall vintage must receive during each phase of its development is essential. The Control Board, however, may establish a specific regulation, an extra supply of water.

Also, a good vintage is always defined by the hours of sunlight (solar thermal index) and by temperature during all the phases of the leaves and the cluster development. During the last months there must be cold nights in order to obtain the proper ripeness and the proper grain size.

It is wonderful to have a favourable weather, in which temperatures do not vary more than 15 degrees.

La Rioja, a region including some of the provinces of Alava (Rioja Alavesa), Navarra and Comunidad de la Rioja (Rioja Alta, Rioja Baja), has an excellent climate for the development of vine.

The lands of La Rioja in both sides of the Ebro are composed of a mixture of terrains –calcareous clay in Rioja Alavesa and ferrous and alluvial clay in the rest of the region. All these elements are responsible of these excellent worldwide known wines.


Three regions brought together

This small portion of land has an Atlantic and Mediterranean influence. It has only 65,000 hectare of vineyard and a good climate. This is how people in La Rioja live, people from Alava, from Navarra and from La Rioja itself. They are open-minded, joyful, friendly and they all share the spirit of Gonzalo de Berceo’s verses:

‘a glass of good wine,
it is well worthwhile’

The Way of St. James passes through our Rioja. It is a path for pilgrims from all over the world. It is a land for everyone and all these pilgrims know very well that Logroño waits for them when they arrive.


‘a glass of good wine’