The first document related to the preservation of quality and guarantee of RIOJA wines dates back from 1650. However, back in 1102 the king Sancho from Navarra stated the prestige of our wines.
The Real Sociedad Económica de Cosecheros of Rioja was created in 1787. Later, in 1902, a sovereign ordinance was published. This ordinance defined the origin for RIOJA wines.

In 1926 the creation of the Consejo Regulador was ordered. The mission of this entity is to mark out the area of RIOJA. It also controls the shipping of the “expected guarantee” and recommends the legal measures that will be taken against imposters and forgers of the name of Rioja. In 1953 the Consejo Regulador started to lay the foundations of a modern and efficient performance, and the Consejo was fully established.
That is how year after year, the Consejo Regulador controls, looks after and runs the destinations of RIOJA wine, starting from the planting of vine, its raising, its harvest and the production of wine.
Thanks to this Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja, led by the Consejo Regulador, our wines have the best quality and they are ready for trading, for traveling all over the world.