Introduction to the public

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familia cornelio


Let me introduce myself in a humble and simple way. I will try to be your colleague, and maybe your friend. Though old, I am also young.

I want you to know me. I want to establish a relationship, since as my ancestors used to say:

“What it is unknown does not exist”.

So that is why I am going to offer you my DINASTY, whenever you need us when you might want to enjoy in different circumstances.

when you are thirsty

or when you have the need to feel refreshed.

when you would like to stay with friends

when you would like to celebrate a friendly meeting,

when you would like to taste some tapas,

when you would like a winter lunch,

when you want to savour a succulent dish.

So we are here for all this enjoyment, or any kind of pleasure.

Anytime: your first time, your first kiss, or that simple and familiar wedding.

The family CORNELIO DINASTÍA le offers you this variety of wines, from white wines to rosé and normal red wines, or even semi-sweet red wines. From young wines to crianza, reserva and gran reserva.

And naturally, this SIGNATURE WINE: careful selection of the best of each vintage. This wine has a touch of freshness, aroma and flavour, with subtle ageing.

My family and I will try to be your faithful companion, or friend, so I could be part of all these happy moments.

We well keep you updated on who we are, what we do, what we want to do. You will be a part of us, and we will all feel like at home. Let’s toast the health and your enthusiasm about LIFE. This sentence speaks for itself:



I just want to tell you today that you already are a member of my FAMILIA

Whenever you want to find me, I will be here: #Riojaencuerpoyalma