The barrel cellar is naturally suited, well isolated (hot/cold). Silence reigns so the wine can sleep. It is far from the bustle, far from light. The temperature and the humidity are preserved with perfect values and almost no oscillations.

Optimal site:    Temperature 13º – 15º C (55º – 59º F)    Humidity  70% – 75%

The second phase of the regulated production by a control of analytical and organoleptic (taste) data, with timely decanting  and sufficient ventilations, get all the fast developing wine and aromatic potential. After decanting timely and smooth clarification, the wine is bottled sleep.

With this second phase, these parameters are achieved:

PH, aroma, color, flavor, alcohol content, dry extract , etc. reach their best levels and exaltation of their potential.

As mentioned , the control of these parameters  will give us the best wines, color, aroma and flavor, though not enough control, since it holds some difficulties, because this wine must polymerize within very narrow margins of different variables. Of course, to get the best values, we must start from the best grapes of land in balanced composition, low production old vines with vintages from very good to excellent ages.